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  • Rigging Guard (Rust 'n' Rubber) is a multifunctional wax comprising of a special blend of waxes, oils & greases which prevents rust, corrosion, oxidisation and verdigris (green deposits) on all metals. Targeted primarily at the marine market itís an extremely versatile product, being beneficial to road vehicles & architectural applications.

  • Prevents corrosion on decorative copper and brass banishing oxidisation for up to a year. The best thing is it simply wipes off with white spirit so no more trying to remove varnish from your brass clock. A quick re-polish and an application of Rigging Guard will see your bright work protected.

  • Helps prevent dismasting as many instances are caused by lack of maintenance. (Rigging Guard is no substitute for regular inspections)

  • Insurance companies are now insisting on better maintenance of standing rigging making Rigging Guard a sensible option when limiting maintenance and repair costs.




  • Rigging Guard (Rust 'n' Rubber) cleans, protects and rejuvenates rubber. Stops rubber degrading and re-introduces the elasticity into old rubber healing cracking and hardness (i.e. helps fender strips protect topsides, considerably lengthens life of outdrive bellows).

  • Multiple applications over a period of years re-bonds rubber particles together eradicating black streaks that mar the look of white hulls.
    Suitable for all rubbers*.
    (*excluding wiper blades and other safety critical items such as high pressure hydraulic/gas pipe work etc.)


  • Electric winches will use less current to lift anchors etc making batteries longer lasting and taking the strain off the motor. Free running of cables and chains ensure pulleys systems and windlasses operate easily and effectively.


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