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Demonstration Photos


Figures 1 & 2 below represent rust & corrosion at their worst. Aesthetics are ruined & the integrity of an object, which in most cases are relied upon for one’s very life, can be damaged beyond repair. Preventing corrosion on metals can help prevent failure of critical systems such as anchors, winches, standing rigging & fittings etc. Rigging Guard will help prevent dismasting & will provide sailors with greater confidence in their equipment.

Transform rusty surfaces from this:

Fig 1.   Fig 2.

To this:

The photo above shows the protective power of Rigging Guard, a piece of mild steel which corrodes far quicker than other metals was submersed in salt water for a few months. The area coated with Rigging Guard on the left was completely rust free whilst the untreated part on the right was covered in rust. This simple test in extreme conditions far beyond suggested usage demonstrates how powerful Rigging Guard is in preventing corrosion.


Rubber Continued...

Figure 5 shows 2 outdrive leg rubber bellows. The bellows on the left is untreated and degraded.

The bellows on the right which has seen the same usage as the bellows on the left was protected with Rigging Guard*. The treated bellows being noticeably taller than the untreated bellows on the left, indicating its retained flexibility and elasticity.

*Please note the bellows on the right has been cleaned with Rigging Guard after the test period finished. This photo is to demonstrate the protective properties of Rigging Guard only.


The photo on the left below shows a 30 year old heavily degraded fender strip. It is hard and matt and lacking in elasticity. Such a degraded fender strip looks unsightly and also doesn't protect the hull as it once did. An aging fender strip also has a tendency to cover a white hull in horrible black streaks which ruins the look of boats the world over.


The photo above and to the right shows the same fender strip after one quick treatment with Rigging Guard aka Rust 'n' Rubber. It's clear to see that the rubber is no longer hard and matt. Amazingly the rubber has been rejuvenated whilst at the same time being cleaned and protected from any future degradation until another application is required. After a few applications the rubber particles will re-bond to one another ensuring the black streaks on hulls which plague so many mariners is minimised or even eradicated altogether.


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