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Rigging Maintenance Guide (page 1)
  • Did you know standing rigging should be replaced every seven to ten years?
  • You can extend the life of your rigging significantly if itís properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis.
  • RIGGING GUARD is designed to help combat the harsh and hostile marine atmosphere.


As you will see from the links to the right, maintenance of your standing rigging is essential to prevent dismasting. Your life depends on having a rig that is durable and above all reliable in all weathers not just on sunny days. Whilst your rigging may look superficially OK rust is eating away at the inside of your fittings. Even slight rust marks are a tell tale that all is not well and you should investigate problems as soon as they emerge. We are not trying to be scare mongers but are merely trying to educate the sailing world to the potential risks of not maintaining the standing rig. Rigging is not fit and forget but needs constant attention to keep it fit for purpose. Your life may depend upon it.

I can hear you say but stainless steel doesnít rust! Well look at the photos on the website links listed on our web site and you will see that it does.
Unlike mild steel, stainless steel will rust in the absence of oxygen and especially when it is in a corrosive atmosphere such as a warm salty environment. Even in the UK we suffer from such conditions so it pays to keep an eye on your rigging. The only way to prevent this happening is to impregnate the fittings and seal the ends with Rigging Guard. No other proprietary product exists specifically designed for this purpose.

In tropical countries the problem is even worse where standing rigging can last just three years before it needs replacement. Typically in this environment fittings can fail very quickly rotting from the inside until the fitting bursts and the wire rope fails to support the mast. Additional pressure is put onto other failing fittings and they also fail bringing down the mast. This can result in serious injury, loss of life and loss of the vessel.

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"Sailing Today" - Mast Safety Article [PDF]

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