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Metal: Rigging Guard can be applied to anywhere corrosion is present above the water line and is compatible with all metals surfaces. Only a thin transparent coating which can be brushed on in seconds is required for long lasting protection up to a year and it is weather, salt and fresh water resistant. Rigging Guard can also treat inside captive ends of cable, wires and fittings by diluting down and being drip fed into sealed components.

Application Process (Metal)
Apply 1 to 2 times a year or recoat as desired. Required tool: 13mm (1/2) brush (not supplied).

Step 1. Surface Preparation:  remove surface corrosion, dirt, water etc; ensure fittings are re-useable and replace damaged cables, fittings etc.

Step 2. Application: Brush on a thin almost invisible coating with a brush. Further coats can be applied for prolonged protection or winterisation/mothballing. Work into crevices. Through hull fittings, bolts & other corrosion prone surfaces inside/outside of the vessel - apply liberally or as desired. Surfaces in contact with sails/sheets rub brushed coat well in with rag and reapply more frequently.

Step 3 (optional). Internal Application of captive ends of cables/wires Non horizontal fittings: Remove enough Rigging Guard for components to be treated & place in another container. Dilute with 60% white spirit. Form a cup of Plasticine around top of fitting and pour in a small quantity of fluid allowing 24 hours to soak into the captive cable or wire. Horizontal fittings loosen fitting and wire or cable and reposition vertically and follow non-horizontal guidelines above.


Rubber: Apply to all rubber components. Rigging Guard aka Rust 'n' Rubber will clean, protect and rejuvenate new and old rubber. Even thirty year old cracked hard rubber can be brought back to life. Click here for photos.

Application Process (Rubber):
Brush on & rub into rubber with a rag. Rub product well into the rubber surface and reapply as necessary. Apply >68F (20C) otherwise thin with white spirit/turps substitute or leave in warm storage until suitably thinned.

Dont apply to wiper blades, gas pipes or other safety critical components etc.

Application Process (Lubrication): Apply to chains, cables, winches, pulleys, windlasses etc. to aid free running. Apply as per application process for metal opposite.


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