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About Us

We are a Manufacturer operating out of Dover, Kent in England. Our company name is Giraffe UK Ltd T/A GUK Manufacturing. Originally founded in the summer of 2001 GUK Manufacturing began its research into developing protective coatings. Seven years later we are proud to have four products available on the global market.





0.5 Litre - 37.95


GUK Manufacturing
3 Frogshall Cottages
Canterbury Road
Dover, CT15 7HU
United Kingdom
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GUK Manufacturing owns and operates
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(Stern Gear Antifouling Grease)

175 grams - 29.95
375 grams - 39.95


Mission Statement & Commitment to our Customers

Our goal is to introduce our product's many benefits to fellow boat owners, commercial operators and shipping fleets who constantly fight against barnacle attraction, hard growth, electrolysis, oxidisation, rust and corrosion. We will continue to research and develop other products that we will bring to the market in the future to enhance cruising pleasure and commercial profits; In doing so we plan to keep this and other products that follow as natural as possible to protect the environment for future generations. We will endeavour not to use or at the very least significantly limit materials and chemicals that are damaging to the environment, we will also endeavour to make use of renewable resources whenever possible.

On behalf of everyone at and GUK Manufacturing I hope that this website and our products will make your boating and shipping lives easier, more enjoyable and less costly for many years to come.

Yours faithfully,
Terry Storey
Co-owner & founder of GUK Manufacturing


ACW Coatings
(Anti Corrosion Wax)

2, 4, 8, 30 and 60 Litres


(Propeller Antifouling)

1, 2.75, 5.5, 10, 30 and 60 litres


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