Welcome to the the whole new experience that is Propshield Antifouling Grease

What you get for your money

  • One 375g or 175g tub of Propshield Antifouling Grease

  • A very detailed instruction sheet with a step by step guide to application, reapplication and coverage.

  • plus a pair of latex gloves


Propshield is a marine product for the private and commercial boat owner alike. It is a chemically engineered propeller (stern gear) antifouling grease and can be used to prevent and limit both barnacles, hard growth, electrolysis and oxidisation. Please note Propshield is no substitute for a good bonding system, the product will work in conjunction with your anodes to eradicate electrolysis. It is compatible with all types of stern gear and various materials from bronze propellers to painted surfaces found on outboard legs. Propshield is legally sanctioned with numerous government bodies around the world, including the IMO, EPA and NATO.

Research & Development

Our research and development programme is ongoing and we will bring new products to the market place as they are developed. We are committed to providing you with products that meet your boating needs and to this end we need customer feedback. It is essential that we build a picture of how the product performs in different parts of the World. Some areas will need to recoat their stern gear more frequently while others may get an entire season or more from one application. This difference is normal for any type of antifouling and different makes perform better in some areas than others. Whilst we are more than confident that Propshield will easily tackle the very worst of fouling it will be extremely helpful to you, our customer, that we can provide a more accurate application guide depending on your locale. We will endeavour with your help to build a map of the types of fouling regions to determine what coating regimes will be required in different areas. We hope you appreciate that we can only test in so many places  to determine an approximate coating regime and we have done this in very high fouling areas.

We are aware that oysters are a problem in certain areas and we are undertaking a programme of research that will determine its effectiveness within these regions for this type of contamination.
 If you have any comments in this regard please let us know what you would like as a preference e.g. larger or smaller sizes, different type of container, better instructions etc. You can send us your comments by submitting a feedback or a contact us form, alternatively you could simply send us an email to
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Rope Cutters Ltd T/A Prop Protector and do not take any responsibility for the application and use of this product as its application/use is beyond our control. Any damage or injury caused to a vessel or person applying PROPSHIELD howsoever caused is not the responsibility of Rope Cutters Ltd T/A Prop Protector, and/or its agents and is applied solely at the buyer/users risk.

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